Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ritz Chicken

Ok here is a start on the recipes I promised back in THIS post. This recipe is for the start of the month next week. The first Tuesday of the month is Ritz Chicken. One of our family staples, mainly because it's easy, yummy, and fool proof. Oh and because I don't have to use a recipe! It's so simple!
So here is what you need some Ritz Crackers, a stick of butter and chicken. That's it!

Drop Ritz into bag. One sleeve to two sleeves (depending on how much chicken; 2 sleeves do 8 chicken). So if I'm doing 6 chicken I use a sleeve and a half of Ritz. Get the picture.

Crush Ritz so that they are unrecognizable. I've had it where the crackers are chunky and I didn't enjoy it as much. Plus people are more impress when they don't know what you used.

Melt your butter, drudge chicken into butter then in the bag of Ritz, place on the baking sheet. ~Here is my spin I usually pour some Ritz on my pan so that the under side of the chicken has extra.~

I usually have extra butter left which, I then pour on the top of my chicken. Then with whatever crumbs are left I will pack those on the top.
Ok so I almost didn't post this picture because it's not pretty. My butter got away from me but then again... this is usually how my pan ends up and it still looks good at the end. Don't be afraid to get messy.

Bake at 350 for 30-35 min. Or if chicken is frozen 40-50 min.

Doesn't that look yummy! I know! Because I got to eat it after this picture!

Here is my secret in my Meal Schedule I have a star by my Ritz chicken. Which means that I will be using my extras later that week. So with the star by the chicken I make extra chicken (and salad) so I can use it on chicken salads the next day. So Wednesday's dinner is done too! I just reheat my chicken throw it under the broiler for a few to get crispy and TA-DA!
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LeAnn said...

Looks good!! We'll come over!!

BigBearswife said...

oo yummy!!! I saw you on
ANYTHING RELATED {No.17}!! I cant wait to try this!!

★All Thingz Related★ said...

Thank you for sharing this great recipe with us at Anything Related!

Raquel Wagner said...

I Made this tonight. Only I chopped the chicken into nuggets ( i used 2 large breasts).... and 1 sleeve of crackers, and 1 stick of butter. I Think next time i will use maybe 3/4 a sleeve or 1/2 even? and less butter as there were tons of crumbs left in the pan.

I also turned them over 1/2 way through so both sides got golden brown,

My Husband is a semi-picky eater and that's why i chopped the chicken up. He usually doesn't like whole pieces of chicken that he has to cut.

He said it was delicious and how it was amazing one ingredient can add so much flavor!
I will be adding this to my cooking rotation!

Thank you for the yummy recipe! Love your blog!


P.s. how do you get your blog to be read more? I've had a blog for awhile and only have 1 follower and no commenters :(

vi5in said...

Waltzed in on here from Infusionsoft! Your husband brought the food over for us at lunch today and it was delicious!