Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Eye Spy Bottles

For the last couple weeks I've been making these, Eye Spy Bottles.
I am using it for a youth activity first but then I think they will make great gifts after we are done!

So the idea is to hide items in the bottle and then as you shake it up your able to find the things inside.

I used Gatorade bottles because the mouth of the bottle is wide and I was able to fit bigger things inside. I Mod Podged the tops with some cute paper to cover the big G!

Here are the items that went inside, we are focusing on individual worth so...
flowers, stars, finger print, wedding band, bow, jewel, softball, pearl, light bulb (let your light so shine), 3 warm fuzzies, a ruby...

a baby, music note, pencil, scriptures, graduation cap/family picture, gift, princes/mirror.
The items that weren't 2 sided I glued another item to it. Like the princess and the mirror.

My favorites, maybe cuz I spent the most time on them.

The Book of Mormon

and the journaling pencil.

So just take your bottle fill with bird seed and every once in a while put a few items in. Leave a little wiggle room so that you can find the items.

Next I printed out a list of the items and then mounted them on cute paper.

Now to attach the list, I made the ribbon long enough that when you pick it up and shake it, the list isn't in the way. Hot glued the ribbon on my list.

And hot glued the ribbon on the inside of the cap just to make sure it stays. Then when you screw on the cap it's automatically there.

And TA-DA you have a cute eye spy bottle. Fun for all!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Gummy Roses

This is what I made my hubby for Valentine's Day!

A dozen gummy roses! My husband loves gummy stuff and so I got Fruit by the Foot cut them down the middle in a wave and rolled them up! (If you can find Fruit by the Foot WAVE than you don't have to cut them)

Here it is with the kids balloons and Valentine's!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Valentine's Day Crafts

Here are some of the Valentine's Day crafts I've done.
XO Love Garland
Made from red, and pink paper and toilet paper rolls.

Now all I need is a cute wreath or something for that empty nail on my front door!

Heart Door Hanger
Made from flet, floss, and ribbon.