Get to Know Me

I love parallel parking.

I’m not a very good speller.

I’m not horrible at it and I do it, but I dislike reading.

I stand like a flamingo a lot, like when I'm doing my make up, making dinner, etc.

You can never put too much chocolate in your chocolate milk, and if you can still taste that you are drinking milk you need more chocolate!

I used to prefer NesQuik, rather than Hershey’s for my chocolate milk, but I now hate it since they changed NesQuik to have less sugar! Makes me so mad! It’s only 3 grams… why can’t they just leave the sugar in it. It now tastes totally different!

I love fruit.

I put salt on pretty much everything, except for fruit.

My only exceptions to the previous rule is lemons and tomatoes (which I count as a veg anyway.)

I like green apples, not red ones.

I’m not afraid of the dark at all.

I’m blind in one eye and it doesn’t bother me enough to wear my one contact.

I HATE dishes in the sink, I’d rather have them rinsed and sitting out all over the counter. I’m more likely to do the dishes if they are dry and cleaned out, instead of in the sink wet with yucky water all over them.

I had never seen another girl naked until I was graduated from high school, and working at a gym.

I like to doodle.

If you go to the bathroom, you should ALWAYS wash your hands afterward. Even if they didn’t get dirty while in the process of going to the bathroom, when is the last time you washed your hands… it’s probably a good time to wash them anyway!

I have three really long black goat hairs that grow out of my face, one on my chin and two on my jaw line.

I think I drool a little more than the average person. Not just at night, but random times throughout the day… not every day though I’m not that bad! It did happen twice today though!

Some of these comments are pretty embarrassing!

I talk in my sleep.

I don’t really like drinking water, unless there is a TON of ice in it!

I don't see myself as skinny as I really am.

I have asthma and if I don’t take my inhaler everyday I get sick for 2 weeks.

I have a problem with having “naked” or unpainted toes, I feel incomplete and naked!

I stick my tongue out when I concentrate.

I hate commercials, especially on the radio, while I’m in the car. Why do all of the stations play commercials at the same time! There are about 12 stations that I would consider listening to if one, just ONE, of them had a song on, ANY song!

I like green bananas, they just taste better.

When I was little I wanted to be called Hairy Pig... I liked pigs. I still do. I just don't want that nickname anymore.

I feel more complete now that I am a mom.

I love swimming, I’d do it everyday if I could.

I am very inflexible; I had to go to physical therapy just to be able to touch my toes. Plus being so inflexible was causing other problems.

Keeping with the inflexible theme… If I lay on my stomach I can only lay on one side of my face, because my head doesn’t turn the other way all the way.

I love lying on my belly but since being pregnant I can only fall asleep on my left side.

I used to watch BET (Black Entertainment Television) everyday.

I don’t anymore.

…But I can still dance like a black chic.

I used to run like a black chic… I broke 4 school records in track when I was 14 and then my feet broke a year later. Not literally but they don’t work well, and I can’t run now!

If I have no where to go during the day I usually don’t get a shower until late afternoon.

I love to cook, and sometimes pretend I’m on my own cooking show.

I’m not very tall but I always thought I was. I finally figured it out in high school when the whole volleyball team lined up tallest to shortest and I was the second to last girl on the short end.

I am a real cheapskate, but I like expensive things!

I can’t flare my nostrils, and when I try I make a really UGLY face.

I usually can eat A LOT more than my husband.

I never moved ‘away’ from home, I went straight from my parents’ house to living with my husband.

I used to be really good at basketball, and now I feel like I shoot like ‘girl’ and am a horrible shot!

My favorite snack in the middle of the night is a frozen chocolate chip cookie.

I am a night person; I stay up way too late almost every night.

I don’t have a good sense of smell; it’s usually not a disadvantage.

I don’t like most condiments, I will eat a small amount of ketchup, but I could do with out mayonnaise, and mustard makes me gag!

I'm sure that was more than any of you wanted to know but then again you made it to the bottom of my list!