Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cute Toes

Deck your TOES with boughs of holly! Fa la la la la, la la la la!

I'm going to show you how to do it! I didn't take step by step pictures so I'm showing you with computer animated pictures.
Start off with silver and then once that's dry take a toothpick and make three red dots of holly berries at the corner of your toe.

Then cut one end off of your toothpick, take some green and make two dots where you want your leaves to be. With the pointy end of the toothpick slide from the middle of your bottom dot out through the second.

Then repeat for the sides.

TA-DA! Cute Christmas toes! (Real paint this time!)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Last Minute Holiday Treat

Have you had ideas of grand desserts that you would pass out with your handmade cards, wrapped with ribbon and glitter. Well me too, but the fact is you have run out of time! Let's make something yummy that is quick and cute and will still make you look impressive. Here it is:

Celestial Chex Mix (my way)

3/4 c butter
1 c white kayro
1 c sugar
4 c rice chex
4 c corn chex
4 c cinnamon chex
2 c shredded coconut
1-2 c sliced almonds

First you are going to want to toast about a third of the coconut and ALL of the almonds, (to toast spread out on a foil covered cookie sheet and broil for a minute or two. TIP: do NOT do anything in between putting them in and taking the out! They will burn!) Then in a large bowl combine cereals, coconut and almonds. Next in saucepan combine butter, sugar and kayro. Bring to a boil and boil for 2 minutes stir constantly. Pour over cereal mixture, coat and mix. Last spread on wax paper till slightly dry to touch, separate into bite-sized clusters.

It goes together fast and it is SO yummy, now all you need are some cute bags. Staple a paper with your name on it and TA-DA! I thought it would be a good thing to make and have at home so that when those unexpected friends come with a treat, you have one to give them!

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Cute Magnet Board

This is what I made for my sister in law for Christmas. This year for the gift exchange we set a dollar limit on the gifts, and I came up with this magnet board/recipe holder.

I totally forgot to take a before picture but it looked a little like this ming porcelain plate except it was tin and you could tell it wasn't porcelain. It was a whopping .50 cents at a thrift store.

I spray painted the edges white, and found some cute scrapbook paper, which I then Mod Podged to the middle.

Lately I have been kind of obsessed with keeping all bottle caps off of our drinks and so I took a few Izzy's caps. (I love izzys)! I covered one of them just so I could have more orange but I didn't even have to cover the others because they are so cute. The things that I had on hand made it easy to stay in the budget but if you had to buy the Izzy's, paint, paper, magnets and cloths pins you would still have a pretty cheap gift!

Covered a couple clothes pins and stuck magnets on them and TA-DA! A very cute $1 gift.

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Snowflake Decorations for Cheap!

I love decorating with snowflakes around this time. Maybe it's because where we live in AZ there is no snow: it's a chilly 71 degrees outside right now! And I love hanging stuff from my ceiling, it just makes things look so much cuter!
So here is my winter wonderland! Want to know how to make the big snowflakes? I'll show you!

Here is what you need: White lunch bags, scissors, tape, and string.

Fold in different places and cut whatever feels good. Let me give you a tip: there is so right or wrong way even if you think the cut looks silly*, once they are open they look great. And snowflakes are all different so have fun experimenting with different cuts.

On some of my snowflakes I alternated two different cuts and on some I didn't.
(*See how mine look like chicken and boobs... they turn out cute when you open them.)

Once you have cut your bags to your hearts desire, now it's time to start taping. Don't open your bag, just tape the edges together near the bottom. You will be taping one side each, to the other.

Make sure your bottom is folded up still and pinched with the sides as you tape.

Let me show you a little closer make sure the V is pinched down before you tape.
You don't want the V.
Bad / Good

Once you have taped all of your bags together it should look like this

Here is a different design.

Then hang! Ta-da!

I love it! It would be so cute if you were having a party to put them up all over with some of those tissue paper pom poms.

So let it SNOW. let it SNOW, let it SNOW!
Then I tied it into my other decorations by wrapping some presents with snowflake paper.