Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ribbon Ribbon Ribbon

Ribbon can get messy it gets shoved places and forgotten then you buy more (of the same kind) then it too gets wadded up and shoved somewhere else. Here is an easy fix.
Find some cardboard (mine is a baby wipes box). Trace a tupperware lid and make a straight cut for the bottom (the lid should be bigger than any of your spools of ribbon). Poke a hole in the upper middle using a pen, line up the second using the first as a template so the holes match. Mod Podge both sides with cute paper. Then take a cardboard pant hanger and pull off the rod part this will be your dowel. You may need to poke your spools of ribbon with a pen too to fit on the rod.

Then if you don't have spools for some, cloths pin them to the edge.

Easy, fast, free, organized.
I think next time I will try a double stacker.


Ryan and LeDawn said...

Cute blog and cute creations! LOVE the panty flowers! I have been dying to make some of those, but all my close friends are married. :( I have been wanting to try dying onesies forever, but I am a pansy and afraid it wont work! And knowing me the dye would get everywhere! And I love the ribbon holder, but after working at a scrapbooking manufacturer for 3 years I have enough ribbon spools to fill an entire wall so they are shoved in drawers, except the pieces not on spools, they are neatly organized in clear containers labeled and seperated by color.


karis stapley said...

Super cute ribbon spools! Love it!
I'll def. being trying that in the future.