Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day Card

We just had a card class last night and this is the card I made.

Here is how to make it. I found some cute 12"x12" DOUBLE SIDED paper.
I also got an 8.5"x11" of a cream that went with it.

Trim one side down to 10"

Flip your paper to the 12" side and cut it in half. So you should now have 2 sheets that are 10"x6".

Fold the card not quite in half, so that your top flap is about 3/4 inch shorter.

Then take the 2" piece you cut from the beginning and cut about a 3/4 inch strip.

Fold it into ruffles, they don't need to be even.

Then sew on the front. Make sure your card is open. Use your fold as a guide.

You can use whatever color you have really. I had a blue bobbin and yellow for the top.

The blue blended on the inside, but an accent color would be cute too.

Then I took my 8.5"x11" cream and printed "Mother, I love you" in a 'Pristina' font and set the side margin to 6". Make sure your alignment is set to justify full. I made the font size just big enough to have the song cover about 2 inches in height. I had a space at the end so I put a heart using 'Bookshelf Symbol 7' font the 'w' makes a heart. In a pinkish color the key is Red 255, Green 80, Blue 80.
*If you have never hear Mother, I love you listen HERE!

Trim it down to size after printing it and paste on.

The next part I used a Cricut to cut out my shapes. The M is Jasmine 'shadow blackout'. And the shapes are George, the oval is 'real size' 3" and the flowers are 1" reg. (cream) and 1" 'shadow blackout' (blue). The patterned flower is 1.5" shadow blackout.

Glue them on. The oval the cream flower and the big flower get glued on. Since the cream flower hangs off of the side of the oval I only glued the side that's on the oval.

The M and blue flower get popped.

And now it's time for pop'n everything. I popped the peddles on the blue flower.

Half on the cream.

Now pop the ruffles.

And your done!

Happy Mother's Day!

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