Monday, May 17, 2010

Family Picture Book

This project I made at Christmas for one of the families that lives out of state. It's perfect for little ones to get to know (or remember) their family that is far away. This is our Stapley Family Book.
You need 12x12in classic woodland paper pad (Martha) from Wal-mart (makes two books)
(I like the paper cuz it isn't too girly and all the paper matches)
Photo book - $1 @ Wal-mart (36 pages)
Pictures of individual family members
Printed names on white cardstock
(Today I like parentheses)

I didn't print it out yet but I plan on having this on the left side.
God gave us families to help us become what He wants us to be—
This is how He shares His love, for the family is of God.
Sorry I didn't do that before this picture.

I cut the 12x12 paper down to size. I could get 4 sheet of the 4x6 size (I actually think it is slightly bigger than 4x6 cuz I didn't want them sliding around in the sleeves) and 2 slightly smaller ones from one 12x12 sheet. The 4x6ish are the main sheet and the slightly smaller are the mounting sheets for the names, and title pages. It worked out great because I hate wasting paper and I didn't have much extra.

I inked every sheet of paper. (If you don't like spending a million years inking things forget this step.) I do have to say... it makes it super CUTE though!

With the pictures I just made sure they were square. Then it doesn't matter what kind of pictures you get from your family they can be tall or landscape. Don't be afraid to cut off the tops of heads (to a certain extent).

I split my book up by categories ie Cousins, Aunts/Uncles, but you can to it in families if you would like.

I had couples together.

Ta-DA! Done.
Side note: this book is great not only for recognizing family members but also, for little ones to recognize letters and helps with reading. My 3 year old knows who the picture is of and then will trace the name with her fingers, like she is reading.
(Oh and it makes a great quiet book at church too.)
*Mamma-law got the idea from Sister-in-law (who made a Family Memory game)


Ryan and LeDawn said...

that is a great idea!!!

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