Monday, August 9, 2010

Bulletin Board 2

Look I'm on the internet at my house!! Yes we finally have the internet, I guess our neighbors got sick of us using their unsecured networks and blocked us out! To tell you the truth I'm surprised it's lasted a whole year! So I'm back, most of you probably didn't realize it but... I am happy that I'm back in business!
What have I been doing for a whole week with no internet you ask? Well I've been getting my craft on, and also going through withdrawals from the internet! I think it was good for me to get away from the computer, it helped put my priorities straight. So now I'm back, improved and ready to show off my stuff. Most of my projects just got started not finished but I did finish a few!
Remember a long time ago when I said I was going to finish my bulletin board well I finally did! I love it, I find myself just admiring it every once in awhile. Now I just need to finish everything else on and by the desk to complete the whole project! I've got a good jump on it all though now!

Much better don't you think?
I ironed ribbon on the edges, gives it a nice finish I think.

Then I took some felt and my fabric that I didn't dye (so it would stand out a little more), and made a flower.

It went from this...

To this...

And finally to this!

(It also helps to take horrible picture the first few times, it makes your final project look really good!)


karis stapley said...

Love it! So very cute!
I really like the added touch of the flower, it really does make it stand out a bit more. :)
Fantastic job!

scrapmom4 said...

It turned out really cute! Love the flower. It's like a chic belt. :) I did miss you. Figured you were on vacation or something. I'm glad you're back.

Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

So awesome! It looks so great, especially with the flower! It's such a cute flower design....I might need to put that on something :)

mle said...

Your bulletin board looks super cute!! LOVE the fabric & the ribbon w/ flower bumped up the fanciness factor : ) said...

your bulletin board looks great!

love the flower.

word verification :(

Lori@ Paisley Passions said...

Cute!!! Looks like one I did a few months ago for my daughter's bedroom. She LOVES it! I guess great minds think alike! Great job :)
@Paisley Passions
@Laughter & Memories

Coree Adams said...

Holy Pooh! That is adorable!

Meghan White said...

love it!!

Kim and Matt said...

I love this with the flower! So cute!