Monday, June 7, 2010

Bulletin Board

Well I was going to wait until this was complete but I guess it will just have to be a work in progress. I still need to add some final touches but here is my "new" cute bulletin board.

This is what I started with. A bulletin board I found at Savors for $1.99!

I wanted the frame black so I got a-sanding.

Hand sand the details.

Spray painted it black.

Used a bit of spay adhesive in the middle, laid my fabric down. Folded the edges under and stapled close to the frame.

My final touch will be to cover the staples with some ribbon.
See the final product here!


Decorchick! said...

That looks so cute!! Love it!!

Ryan and LeDawn said...

awww... I LOVE those! I cant wait to have a place of our own so i can start making cute things!

Kim and Matt said...

It turned out awesome. I love it.