Monday, June 28, 2010

Fourth of July

I love the Fourth of July! Maybe it's that I love the parties and excuse to celebrate our freedom or maybe it's because my birthday is on the 3rd, and I LOVE fireworks. Either way I love the Fourth and I could watch fireworks forever. Speaking of fireworks, this kind of reminded me of a firework and I had to make it. Plus I've been wanting something on my front door for months now! And now I do.

All you need is a cereal box, foil, paper, glue and tape.
I saw this in FamilyFun, I made it according to the directions but I still had spaces and rather than roll more paper I covered the cardboard with foil like the star and I think I like it better.
Easy, cheap, cute!

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Anna Dawn said...

This is Really cute! I've seen these paper wreaths all over, but I didn't want to make one with dictionary type paper, this is perfect! Now I can envision all kinds of holiday wreaths! Good Job! Thanks for sharing!

brandi @ tales of a domestic goddess said...

I gave you an award!!
Check it out! =)

<3 brandi