Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Your Kids BORED Yet?

Summer is almost over, which means kids are getting BORED!
Here are a few ideas, they take a little prep from you moms but your kids will have LOTS of FUN!

Plant different things and watch them grow! The older kids were really interested in seeing what the seeds looked like. We compared and contrasted trees, flowers, and herbs!

Here is a SUPER fun one... buy some foam sheets and make dress up things. Note: Don't let them color with markers it gets all over the place. If you want to decorate them I would buy the foam shapes, that would have been way easier, and less messy!
All you need is a stapler, foam sheets, stickers and scissors!
Just make sure you staple from the inside so that the smooth side is on their head and not the bumpy side.

The girls made crowns.

And the boys were Ninjas!

They could even be super heroes! The possibilities are endless and they last for a lot longer then paper would.

Sprinklers! I know this one is obvious but my kids had fun.

Paint nails! Put polka-dots or flowers the girls will love it!

Make some cornstarch goo!
Mix Cornstarch and colored water to get some messy fun! Make sure if you want it colored you color the water first.
And if you have never done or seen this you have to watch THIS! And THIS!

Make a treasure hunt! I filled a shoe box with dollar store junk toys and buried it at the park down the street. Just don't forget your camera could be on top of the treasure and accidentally bury it too!

I made a map to take us from the house to the park. And used "maties" and "ye" in the writing!
We had to cross the street, which was of course the "Black Sea!"

I made individual maps for a scavenger hunt inside the house so they could find their bandannas and eye patches. I made the eye patches out of felt and elastic.

I came in talking like a pirate using words like scurvy pirates, maties, and of course "RRR!"

Then once they found all of their stuff I had them grab their shovels to dig for the treasure I had buried the night before.

Have fun with bubble makers.
You need a empty water bottle, fabric, and a rubber band. Oh and dish soap and water.

Found this idea from Fun with Mama

If you want to see any of these as tutorials let me know and I will gladly do it up.
Hopefully you can last till school starts again.
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Kelli said...

You're such a fun mom! But let's be honest. The only reason you made a treasure map was so you could burn the edges :)

HILLARY said...

Oh Kell you know me too well!

Helena said...

I LOVE the treasure chest idea!! Look at how exited they are looking at the map. This is definitely something I want to do with my kids someday.

Thank you for participating in the Therapy Session with Life in the Pitts!

Helena said...

I featured this today!

Megan A said...

Wow you rock! I wanna be like you when I grow up :P

I'm your newest follower!!

Nadia said...

Loads of ideas here! Thanks for sharing. They look like they had lots of fun!
Thanks for the link :)