Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cookie Cookie Cookie Starts with C

We have a "Cookie Day" every so often. On Cookie Day we pull the chairs up to the island and mix up cookies in the mixer.
A very good mommy tip is to pre-measure all of your ingredients. The kids feel like they are making the cookies because I don't have to measure-and-pass, they just scoop/pour till it's gone. I put all the sugar in one bag and the dry ingredients in another. Then the sugar bag goes inside the bigger dry ingredient bag so it's easy to grab. Then on the outside of the bag write the kind of cookie, and list the missing wet ingredients (your writing will be WAY cuter if you do the writing before the bags are filled). Then when it's cookie day pick what kind and mix it up!

I usually make a batch, then freeze half of the dough. That way your not making cookies all day! Plus one pan of cookies is enough for a treat! Bad news is I usually eat the frozen dough before they get made into cookies!
Oh and on Cookie Day sing the Cookie Song!


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Amy Johnson said...

Hillary! I'm lovin' your blog! I haven't been in the blogging world much lately, but you got me itching to make some stuff! First, I need to think of something for card night though!

Kim and Matt said...

You're the best mom! I know you sing that song just like cookie monster when you do... :)