Monday, April 23, 2012

My Front Door Decor

There are not words that can describe how thrilled I am about my framed wreath on my front door!  You know how on Despicable Me when the little girl says, "It's so fluffy I'm gunna DIE!"  Well, while I've been making this project I have been saying, "It's so cute I'm going to DIE!"  I'm glad that I have a 5 year old girl to share in my joy, she has been validating every statement and completely agreeing with me, I just love it!  I love the random-ness... the colors... the polka dots... well you get it everything, I LOVE EVERYTHING about this beauty.
I set out to make this because my front door was BAD it had very hideous tape marks, and a bad paint job that needed some hiding.  (I would love to just paint the whole darn thing but we are renting, and I am not about to go through that much work for someone else's door.)  My challenge was that there were things that needed to be hidden that were under as well as over the peep hole, but yet I still wanted to be able to see out of the peep hole.  Now all the big problem spots are hidden and the cuteness detracts from any other flaws on the front door!

This took me about a day to make and it was pretty cheap too!
What you need:
Frame - from Goodwill $3
Willow wreath - from Dollar Tree $1
Letter initial - Hobby Lobby $1
a few different kinds of ribbon, some spray paint, craft paint and a glue gun.
And TA-DA!

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