Friday, March 25, 2011

Boy's Tie

I love seeing little boys in ties but they grow up so fast that in about a week they are too tall for their short little ties! And I am way too cheap to buy fancy ties SO here is my solution... dollar ties!

Here is what you do, get a tie from the dollar store. The 99 cents only store usually has good looking ones.
Turn the tie around where the skinny end is and tie your tie the way you like it... I did a double windsor knot and then pulled the tie to look like this...

So the skinny end of the tie is now the front of the tie and the long tail in the back will be cut off. Pinch your tie so that the natural folds are touching

and then cut.

Since this is the back of the tie and no ones really going to be seeing it, it doesn't need to be perfectly finished off just Mod Podge the end so it doesn't fray.

Then cut your loop and Mod Podge the ends too.

Next put some elastic in between,

and sew, and TA-DA!

Just slip it over the cute monster's head and look how sweet he becomes!

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scrapmom4 said... Cute!

John and Anna said...

Thanks, Hillary, what a simple and fun idea! I love it.

Meredith said...

yes yes! so cute. my little man needs one. or twenty;)