Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Suggestions for Christmas

My Gift To Jesus

I know that not everyone celebrates Christmas but there are a lot of you that do. I have recently learned, from a few wiser than I, GREAT ideas for Christmas. The first is for giving gifts to your children... each child gets 3 gifts, each in a different 'category'. They give one gift for fun, one spiritual gift, and one gift to develop that child's talent. I love this idea, and will be starting this tradition in our family!

The second was an idea from my mother in law, and it will take from now, STARTING TODAY, to Christmas to change for the better to be able to "Give a gift to the Savior" this Christmas. The ideas is that it takes approximately 30 days to change a bad habit and to start good habits in the classical conditioning of the mind. So for the next 30 days STOP one bad habit, and START doing something good and work on it each day. Then by Christmas you will have a gift to give to Jesus. I also think that the Christmas spirit will be working everyday till Christmas so it won't be so hard to remember the "true meaning" of Christmas! And to help you start READ THIS, it is one of my favorite things to read to motivate me to get me in gear, even if you are not of the same faith it is a good read.
What are some other traditions that you do?

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Tyler and Andrea said...

We also heard of the 3 gift idea and will be doing it starting this year-- ours are: one Spiritual, one practical and one fun gift.