Wednesday, September 1, 2010

black to BLACK!

So I have been bursting with excitement for a while now, and now I will share the news... Have you heard of Totally Tutorials?... if you haven't, where have you been? Well, she hosts exchange programs and I'm a part of the Simply Spray exchange!!! I'm so excited, when I signed up I spent some sleepless nights coming up with things that I could do if I got picked! And I got picked! I received a box with cans upon cans of Paint it Black Simply Spray fabric spray paint. I was so happy when I read the email that said, "Congratulations! You have been selected to receive FREE Simply Spray Paint It Black Soft Fabric Paint. Thanks so much for applying to do the Free Exchange..." my eyes couldn't read fast enough before I squealed, jumped up and down, and almost cried! Yes I couldn't be more excited and have so many ideas to come.
Well first things first this is the no brainer thing to do with this lovely can of Simply Spray Paint it black, (I call it no brainer because it's what the can and the website tell you to do with the paint.) But just because it's a no brainer does not make it boring!
I'm sure we all have a black shirt or two that we wear under or over everything and it's been through the wash so many times it looks like you wore it in high school?...
Well this is my shirt, and lets just say it not only looks like I wore it in high school but I actually did wear it in high school! (I wish someone would have told me to dress better back then and informed me that after getting married and having two kids I would still be wearing those clothes!)

The picture doesn't do it justice but it really is dingy. If you look carefully you can see wear I spayed it with water in the left corner which makes it look like it should.



First I got my dingy ol shirt and since it's stretchy I stretched it over a pizza box, I know I'm real scientific like that, then hung it outside.

Then sprayed it.

Let it dry and wear it!

Back to BLACK, soft and good as new!


Tyler and Andrea said...

NICE! Looks brand spankin' new!

karis stapley said...

That's really cool! Looks like awesome stuff. I'll have to try that! And congrats on being picked!

grblog said...

Thanks for the heads-up on Back to Black. I actually have a can I bought sitting in the closet! I love your tip of using the pizza box.

By the way, I have a review of the Upholstery Paint by Simply Spray up on my blog, and I have a feeling you'll love that product, too. (Same idea, but for pillows, chairs, cars, etc.) Here's the link:

Hope you'll stop by!

PS, love your blog....! -Jenny

Dotty said...

This was great! I'm so excited that you participated. Thanks so much!

Macey said...

Your blog is awesome ...Preston just emailed me your link. I love all of it!