Thursday, April 22, 2010


That is a funny word now that I have to spell it out. It has nothing to do with an organ yet when you spell it out it seems it should.
Anyway on with my tip. I do like to be organized but I'm just not one of those that has months of plans in advance. Which is fine if you do but I just don't. I do keep a calender though and I love Google Calendar. It allows you to make different "calenders" which are different colors and it has a task option, a little check list, on the side you can see mine.

I have my chores that I should do each day on my calendar. These I can repeat however often I want them done. (For those odd jobs you want to remember to do on a more scheduled basis.) Most are rotated every week but I have some rotating every other week and some every 6 weeks or something strange like that. And it emails me each day of the things I'm doing that day! It's easy to use easy to look at and makes my life easy.
My point is that Google Calendar helps me to stay organized even for my chores.

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